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Shiota, Yumesaki-cho is the secret garden of
Harimano Himeji with splendid nature of Japan

Shiota Onsen, Yumesaki-cho is your only dream hot spring resort in Harimano area.
The Himeji Castle is just 30min; Himeji Central Park is 25min driving distance away.
We are at the heart of all Himeji’s entertainment.

Tourism map

Tourism spot

Himeji Castle

Approx. 30 mins
by car

Recommended visiting spot 1

Don't miss the light up!
Himeji Castle is registered as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage. It is also called "Hakurojo" (White Heron Castle) because of its brilliant white exterior and resemblance to a flying white heron. It’s a must-go spot when travel around Himeji.

Engyoji Temple

Approx. 25 mins
by car

Recommended visiting spot 2

Don't miss the light up!
An ancient Buddhist temple at the peak of Mt. Shosha with historic architects such as the lecture hall from the Muromachi Era, silence covered by old trees, and splendid views of the Seto Inland Sea. It has been the shooting location for many movies, including the famous "Last Samurai".